The Portuguese Journal of Pediatrics (PJP), founded in 1938, is the official journal of the Portuguese Society of Pediatrics (SPP).

The PJP is a scientific double blind peer reviewed quarterly journal published online in English.
The journal aims to publish high quality articles on clinical and experimental pediatrics and maternal fetal conditions.
This journal publishes a variety of articles including original articles, review articles, case series, case reports, images in Pediatrics, editorials, letters to the editor, guidelines, perspectives, and other content to improve clinical practice.

Current issue:

Vol.55 Num.1

January - March,
Volume 55, Number 1

Original article:

Ana R. Torres, Aryse Melo, Carlos Aniceto, Raquel Guiomar, Vânia Gaio, Teresa Bandeira, Inês Azevedo, Ana P. Rodrigues

Respiratory syncytial virus under 2 years of age: hospitalization trends and risk factors for severe disease – preliminary data from the Portuguese sentinel network

Raquel Gouveia-Silva, João Rodrigues-Alves, Juliette Dupont, Oana Moldovan, Patrícia Dias, Márcia Rodrigues, Ana Medeira, Ana B. Sousa

DYRK1A-related intellectual disability syndrome: a cohort of Portuguese patients

Inês Pais-Cunha, Paula Guerra, Alice Porto-Guerra-Vasconcelos, Laura Leite-Almeida, Nuno Gomes, Alberto Mota, Irene Carvalho

Pediatric epidermolysis bullosa - psychosocial impact and the importance of palliative care based on 5 clinical cases

Inês Silva-Costa, João Sousa-Marques, Sara Geitoeira, Catarina Dias, Sara Dias, Lígia M. Ferreira, Sofia Reis, Cristina Baptista

Campylobacteriosis: from diagnosis to the community intervention, a case-control study

Review article:

Carla Rêgo, Gonçalo Cordeiro-Ferreira, Maria J. Lages-Fonseca, Mariana Moura-Relvas, Ricardo Ferreira, Sofia Pinto-da Costa

A reviewed approach to vitamin D supplementation in pediatric age in Portugal

Case reports:

Miguel Labrusco, Inês Martins, Sara I. de Almeida, Sofia Quintas, Paulo Oom

A rare presentation of Sturge-Weber syndrome: when a port-wine stain is not the key - case report

Joana Faustino, Catarina Brito, Fernando Canavarros, António Trigueiros, Paulo Oom

Maxillary dentigerous odontogenic cyst: the sinusitis simulator – case report

Íris Santos-Silva, Vânia Benido-Silva, Catarina Chaves, Sandra Ferreira, Isabel Gonçalves, Alice Mirante

Methimazole as a rare cause of hepatitis in childhood: a case report

Images in pediatrics:

Maria Garrotes, Marina Mota, Sofia Deuchande, Rita Theias-Manso, Patrícia Costa-Reis, Ana Rita-Sandes

An unusual manifestation of severe edema in nephrotic syndrome

Paulo Santos-Correia, Alexandra Tavares-Ferreira

Ectopic ovary - an unexpected finding

João R. Nunes-Pires, Violeta Florova, Teresa Alves-da Silva

Hereditary multiple osteochondromas

Filipa da Costa-Cascais, Ana Barbosa-Rodrigues, Inês Vermelho-Lourenço, Rita Marques-Martins

A non-classic presentation of OHVIRA syndrome