The Portuguese Journal of Pediatrics (PJP), founded in 1938, is the official journal of the Portuguese Society of Pediatrics (SPP).

The PJP is a scientific double blind peer reviewed quarterly journal published online in English.
The journal aims to publish high quality articles on clinical and experimental pediatrics and maternal fetal conditions.
This journal publishes a variety of articles including original articles, review articles, case series, case reports, images in Pediatrics, editorials, letters to the editor, guidelines, perspectives, and other content to improve clinical practice.

Current issue:

Vol.54 Num.3

July - September,
Volume 54, Number 3


Original article:

Margarida Roquette, Joana Antunes, Rosário Cancella-de-Abreu, Ana Tavares, Manuel Cunha

Restricted vancomycin policy for staphylococcal late onset sepsis in a Portuguese neonatal intensive care unit

Ana Moura-Figueiredo, Joana Amaral, Guiomar Oliveira, Núria Madureira, Miguel Félix, Cândida Cancelinha

Positive impact on children’s quality of life under non-invasive home mechanical ventilation - PedsQL application in a monocentric cohort

Filipa Urbano, Alberto Berenguer, Carla Simão, André Graça, Margarida Abrantes

Cardiovascular risk factors and hypertension at 5-6 years in children born with a gestational age ≤ 32 weeks

Case report:

André Morais, Lídia Leite, Mariana Barbosa, Liliana Abreu, Filipa Balona, Olinda Marques, Ana Antunes, Maria Miguel-Gomes

Delayed diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency in a patient with presumed eating disorder

Ana Dias-Curado, Carolina Amaro-Gonçalves, Maria João-Palaré, Filipa Oliveira-Ramos, Anabela Ferrão

Acute limb ischemia as presentation of pediatric antiphospholipid syndrome: case report

Carolina Amaro-Gonçalves, Ana Dias-Curado, Sofia G. Ferreira, Brígida Robalo, Lurdes Sampaio

Menstruation in an infant: a case report of exacerbated mini-puberty

Inês Gameiro, Catarina Leuzinger-Dias, Margarida Camacho-Sampaio, Henrique Donato, Ana T. Gil

A common diagnosis in an uncommon age: acute neonatal parotitis case report

Image in pediatrics:

Ana L. de Carvalho, Catarina Barroso, Ana P. Vieira, Cláudia Patraquim

Cutaneous blisters after sun exposure

Aida Correia-de-Azevedo, Ana S. Rodrigues, Joana da-Silva-Ferreira, Paula Fonseca

Cutaneous lesions in an 11-year-old adolescent

Joana Gomes-Vieira, Sérgio Ferreira, Isabel França, Marta Ferreira

Gastric pneumatosis: a rare presentation of necrotizing enterocolitis

Letter to the editor:

Teresa Almeida-Lopes, Ana R. Constante, Diana Silva, Isabel Brito, Joana Carvalho, José Fontoura-Matias

Perspectives of Portuguese pediatric trainees on their relationship with their training supervisor