The Portuguese Journal of Pediatrics (PJP), founded in 1938, is the official journal of the Portuguese Society of Pediatrics (SPP).

The PJP is a scientific double blind peer reviewed quarterly journal published online in English.
The journal aims to publish high quality articles on clinical and experimental pediatrics and maternal fetal conditions.
This journal publishes a variety of articles including original articles, review articles, case series, case reports, images in Pediatrics, editorials, letters to the editor, guidelines, perspectives, and other content to improve clinical practice.

Current issue:

Vol.55 Num.3

July - September,
Volume 55, Number 3

Original articles:

Catarina Schrempp-da-Silva-Gaio-Esteves, Maria C. Soares-Martinez-Veiga-de-Macedo, José P. Pereira, Ana Rodrigues, Ana C. Feijó-Serrano-de-Matos-Amaro

A systematic method to evaluate newborn weight loss and its influence on breastfeeding success

Mariana Eiras Dias, Melissa Brigham Figueiredo, Laura Azurara, Raquel Marta

Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on children with neurodevelopmental disorders

Luísa Carneiro da Silva, Cláudia Coelho Faria, André Mendes da Graça

Timing of intervention in posthemorrhagic ventricular dilatation in preterm infants

Systematic review:

Case reports:

Catarina Almeida, Marisa Pereira, Sofia Granja, João C. Silva, Jorge Moreira

Acute myocardial infarction in a previously healthy child: case report

Daniela Couto, José R. Oliveira, Bárbara Choupina, Mafalda Santos

Adolescent with groin pain: case report

Margarida Almendra, Ana I. Cordeiro, Rosa Pina, Catarina Martins, Conceição Neves, João Farela-Neves

Recurrent infections and short stature — Listening may be the key. A Bloom syndrome case report

Sofia Vaz Pinto, Ana I. Gonçalves, Inês de Oliveira, Andreia Pereira

Bilateral functional ptosis in adolescence: a case report

Images in pediatrics:

Maria M. Resende, Tomás Ferrão, Manuel Cordeiro, Inês Sobreira

Hyperpigmentation in toes resembling ischemia: a challenging diagnosis